Dansk Køl & Klima ApS

Dansk Køl & Klima ApS

Specialist in COLD solutions for churches, chapels and crematoria


DANSK KØL & KLIMA has more than 30 years of experience with refrigeration and freezing systems for personal storage and cooling.


Choose a vendor who has solved the task before. In DANSK KØL & KLIMA, we have previously helped Danish churches, crematoria and chapels with reliable cooling and freezing systems.

In DANSK KØL & KLIMA, we have the largest possible ISO 9001: 2015 certification within treatment and handling of refrigerants as well as refrigeration and freezing systems. It is our vision to help the customer through all phases. From drawing and surveying to assembly and commissioning of the project. This is achieved with the help of our own refrigeration technicians, who all have the highest skills and education in the refrigeration profession. We have technicians all over the country, and are constantly on the lookout for completed projects. Your faithful service partner 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your satisfaction is the most important to us.

Refrigeration and freezing solutions are our specialty

Over time, we have helped several hospitals and hospitals with the establishment of refrigeration and freezing rooms for personal storage with several temperature monitoring functions associated with which are activated by significant fluctuations in temperature. In addition, several security measures are available such as staff arms for larger freezers and several types of doors, sliding doors and gates depending on the execution of the project.

Aalborg Chapel had a need for high capacity with the possibility of separate setting of coffin size. DANSK KØL & KLIMA solved the task to perfection with a capacity of 3 chests per. cell.


Flower cooling keeps flowers and wreaths fresh until the last time

We are now experiencing a great demand for cooling rooms for flowers and bouquet cooling. Today, florists and florists cannot always deliver the wreath or flowers just before the ceremony begins. That is why today we have many customers who need to keep the flowers fresh and beautiful until they are used for the last time of the deceased. Cooling for flowers is available, for example, as a larger cold room with sliding doors or ordinary glass pull-out doors.

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